The Children’s Ground Framework

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) has partnered with the Children’s Ground organisation to introduce the Children’s Ground Framework into the Kakadu / West Arnhem region. This is an ambitious initiative. It has been developed as a real and practical reaction to barriers that prevent the improvement of the lives of Bininj children and their families. Gundjeihmi has seed-funded the early development and delivery of this ‘place based’ approach for the lasting benefit of children, families and communities.

Children’s Ground is the first organisation of its kind in Australia. The Children's Ground approach focuses on long-term change, working with each child, each family and each community, so that children learn, grow and thrive in communities that celebrate cultural, social and economic wellbeing. The model has been developed with reference to a robust evidence base. Global evidence supports the guiding principles that education is key to future social and economic participation and that long-term change must involve entire families and communities. Interventions must be tailored, and delivered intensively, frequently and over a long period of time.

In each community, Children’s Ground creates a system of programs and services that are centred on learning, development and wellbeing that respond to the main life-stages and key transition points from birth to young adulthood. Children’s Ground staff will work with existing services and directly provide services and facilities where they do not exist. The framework allows workers to respond to the cultural and social environment of the community, and equip children for opportunities locally, nationally and globally. 

Just as important as what Children's Ground delivers is how it will be delivered. The Children's Ground approach creates an environment that will support people experiencing generations of complex trauma and disadvantage to trust, participate and have agency in Children’s Ground as designers, researchers, users and deliverers. The Children's Ground workforce strategy aspires for excellence and builds a strong local workforce to create sustainability. 

Implementation of the Children's Ground framework will be guided by, but not limited by the evidence. Community led research (supported by partner leading research organisations) will build and contribute to the practical evidence that is currently lacking about methods to redress complex and extreme disadvantage in Australia and globally.