ABC Darwin: First Mirarr students graduate from Jabiru Area School

Publish Date:
4th November 2013

LIZ TREVASKIS:                      Finishing year 12 is a pretty special accomplishment and this year it's an even sweeter story of success at the Jabiru Area School where the first Mirrar students are graduating  Phil Maunder is the principal at the Jabiru school. Good afternoon, Phil.

PHIL MAUNDER:                   Hi, Liz. How are you?

LIZ TREVASKIS:                      I'm not too bad. Tell me about these two young ladies, Nonica and Phillipa, the first two Mirrar students to graduate from your school.

PHIL MAUNDER:                   Yes. So Nonica is one of the traditional owners of this land and lives at Whistleduck and her cousin is Phillipa Douglas. So they're both traditional owners of the Kakadu National Park and they live at Whistleduck and they've just completed all of their work for year 12 for this year. And we were very, very proud - we're very, very proud of them and their work and their family and it's all as a result of the contribution that the school has made with Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation in supporting these girls and their hard work as well.

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