Gunbang (alcohol) Action Group

Gunbang (the local Aboriginal word for alcohol) ravages the lives of Aboriginal people across Australia including in the Kakadu and West Arnhem region.

The Gunbang Action Group was formed in 1995 to enable Aboriginal people from across the region to address the devastating impact of alcohol on individual lives and on the community as a whole. Gundjeihmi is an active participant in the Gunbang Action Group and has chaired the Group in 2003-4 and from 2009 to date.

At present, Gundjeihmi is the sole funder of the secretarial and policy development functions of the Gunbang Action Group and remains the pivotal organization in fostering increasing involvement of local Bininj outstations residents in the reform of alcohol management issues in the Kakadu West Arnhem region. 

Two major initiatives of the Gunbang Action Group have been:

Kakadu West Arnhem Alcohol Management Plan and

Volatile Substance Abuse Management Plan (VSAMP)

See the Gunbang Action Group website for more details about the work of the Group.