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Global Indigenous conference calls for an end to nuclear industry

Publish Date: 30th August 2010

Delegates to the inaugural 'Sacred Lands, Poisoned Peoples' conference have
today released a joint statement calling for an end to all uranium mining and
processing, irresponsible radioactive waste management, nuclear power and
nuclear weapons.
Representatives of Indigenous Communities across all continents have met here
in Basel over the last 5 days sharing experiences and building networks in their
fight against this toxic industry.
“Uranium mining leaves a toxic legacy long after the miners have packed up and
gone. The poison from radioactivity is in our land and water, it damages our
health and harms Mother Earth. We stand with all others facing this dangerous
industry and we say stop: leave uranium in the ground”
said Charmaine White Face, Tetuwan (Lakota) Nation, USA.
“There are two mines on our land and 130 granted permits for exploration.
What will be our future? We have been expelled from our country without any
compensation. We don't want the mining companies coming here poisoning our
land and destroying our way of life”
said Azara Jalawi, vice‐president, Coordination of civil society of Aulit, Niger.
“My people have lived with uranium mining and weapons testing on our
country. We live with the destructive health impacts, we see the damage to our
land. Together with our friends from across the world, we say no to uranium
and radioactivity. Leave it in the ground.”
said Rebecca Bear‐Wingfield, co‐chair Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA),
senior cultural woman Arabunna and Kokatha and Kupa Pita Kungka Tjuta,
The Indigenous delegates travelled to the conference hoping the participants of
the Nobel Prize winning organization IPPNW will be able to learn what happens
around the world to Indigenous nations affected by uranium mining.


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