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Investing in the Bush: Jabiru Kabolkmakmen to Guide the Future of Jabiru

Publish Date: 31st July 2019

Joint Media Statement: The Hon Selena Uibo, Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, Jabiru Kabolkmakmen

The Territory Labor Government and the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation have today announced a new partnership, Jabiru Kabolkmakmen Ltd (JKL), a company that will guide the township in its transition to a post-mining future.

The Government is investing $135.5 million over four years to transition Jabiru to the tourism and cultural centre of World Heritage Listed Kakadu National Park, following the closure of the Ranger Uranium Mine in January 2021.

In line with the Government’s local decision making agenda, the future of Jabiru will be guided by the Mirarr traditional owners. 

The Mirarr vision for Jabiru as a world leading, ecologically sustainable hub for Aboriginal culture that will continue to attract visitors from across the globe is outlined in the Jabiru Masterplan, which will guide the work of JKL.

JKL will support the transition of housing ownership and maintenance, business premises and other infrastructure and investigate options to diversify the regional economy post-mining.

The company will be overseen by a Board of Directors, led by an independent chairperson.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Selena Uibo.

“Jabiru is, and always has been, Aboriginal land. As the Member for Arnhem, I have heard clearly and consistently that the Mirarr traditional owners want to see Jabiru become a thriving hub for tourism, regional services and Aboriginal culture.

“The Territory Labor Government has listened, and we have acted, delivering the Jabiru Masterplan, developed by the Mirarr people, to realise their vision for the future of their land.

“Jabiru is an important town, not just as the gateway to Kakadu National Park, but as a service centre for all those who live in the West Arnhem region.

“We are supporting the Mirarr people to unlock the social and economic potential of their land, which will not just improve the lives of Aboriginal Territorians but will benefit all Territorians.

“Kakadu is home to the oldest continuous culture on earth and the traditional owners, by drawing upon more than 65,000 years of knowledge and wisdom, can improve the visitor experience for those who come to visit this very special part of the Territory.” 

Quote attributable to Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation Chairwoman, Valerie Balmoore.

“Mirarr will always be here to look after this country, we are happy to be working with the Government to make sure Jabiru is a great town for everyone. 

“We have a great opportunity to show and explain the World Heritage values of Kakadu to give tourists a more meaningful experience and to connect with other Indigenous groups worldwide.

“Bininj (Aboriginal) people have lived here for over 65,000 years and there is a lot the world can learn about sustainable living from that history. Jabiru will be a place where we can explore new partnerships for sustainability.”

Quote attributable to Jabiru Kabolkmakmen CEO, Stefan Hladenki.

“Jabiru Kabolkmakmen means Jabiru: a great place, and our office in Jabiru is a place for the community to drop in and have a chat about the future of Jabiru.”

Media contact:            Kim Stephens 0417 683 144 (Minister Uibo)

                                    Kirsten Blair 0412 853 641 (GAC)

                                    Stefan Hladenki 0417 180 851 (Jabiru Kabolkmakmen)


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