Mirarr vision for Jabiru revealed

July 26th 2018

The Northern Territory Government and Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation have revealed a $500 million vision for the post-mining future of Jabiru.

Today's plan describes the long term vision the Mirarr have for the town as well as a strong post-mining future for the region. 

Land Rights are an essential element of this future as is the granting of a township lease. These will ensure long term security of tenure allowing investment and diverse economic opportunities for Mirarr and others.

The future of Jabiru is important for Mirarr and all Aboriginal people across the Kakadu region.

Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation chairperson and Mirarr Traditional Owner Annie Ngalmirama said today:

“We want people to visit our country, we are proud when people understand our culture. We want Jabiru to be a place where we are proud to live and proud to welcome tourists and visitors. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people can work together to make this town better after mining has gone. We will decide how we want Jabiru to be in the future and together we will make it a beautiful place”

There is no question that Kakadu will continue to be a must-have experience for tourists. A reimagined Jabiru will completely change the way tourists experinece the town and will provide suitable resources and infrastructure for locals and visitors.

Download executive summary of the Jabiru Business Case