Community Safety Plan

To improve safety in over 50 Aboriginal community settings across the Northern Territory, several years ago the Police initiated the development and implementation of Community Safety Plans.  These are designed to respond to local priorities and take into account local circumstances.  One has been put in place for Kakadu since 2014.

In recognition of the role that alcohol and other substances can have on the safety and wellbeing of people, and because of the broad nature of its membership, the Gunbang Action Group agreed to be the local Community Safety Committee to oversight this project.

The local Action Plan sets out specific issues of concern and how they might be addressed.  The Plan is reviewed annually and amended to make sure its goals and activities are responsive to changing local conditions and needs.  

The Plan relates to all of Kakadu but is particularly aimed at supporting Aboriginal people.  It emphasises the importance of cultural diversity in seeking solutions to problems, ensuring all community members have the opportunity to contribute to solutions and maintaining mutual respect in working together.

A variety of strategies are being implemented, with the latest version of the Plan endorsed in April 2019.   

People are invited to highlight issues and concerns they want addressed and to offer solutions and ideas about whata else might be done to improve the safety and amenity of the community.  Individuals can contact Police or GAG directly / anonymously to provide feedback and input.