Education Videos

A package of community education promotions has been produced as a DVD.  It delivers key messages about alcohol and other drug use via songs, music and scripted scenarios.

Some of the songs come from young Aboriginal people who spent time at a workshop during school holidays.  They shared stories about how drinking in particular had brought changes to their world.  They reflected, for example, that there was now less hunting and more fighting going on.  They wanted to send a message to the older generations - one that would make them think more about the effect they were having on their children and their families.

Children aged 6-17 took part over the fortnight.  They came from various homelands around Jabiru.  With guidance and support from visiting musicians at the Community Centre, these young people worked up several songs.  They chose the style for each song, added the words, created the beats and took charge of the microphone.  Two of the songs are The Jabiru Song and Where Did It Come From?


The DVD also presents three advertisements produced as part of the Middle School media course at Jabiru Area School.  These were developed by the students in response to events happening around the community at the time.  The students brainstormed ideas and formats, wrote the scripts, shot and acted in the scenes.  All but some of the post-production was completed in four hours of class time.

Three different scenarios were developed.  The theme was Don't Be The Person Everyone Talks About....Think Before You Drink.



The DVD contains more music and other material and it can be ordered through the Gunbang Action Group.

The DVD compilation was funded by Alcohol Strategy and Policy, Northern Territory Government.