West Arnhem ID Card

The West Arnhem ID card is an alternative form of identification for people living in the West Arnhem area.  The card shows a photograph of the card holder and his or her name, address, date of birth and signature.  The card can be used at licensed premises within the Park and for managing accounts at the Jabiru branch of Westpac.

These cards do not replace other legitimate forms of ID (e.g. Driver’s License, Proof of Age), but they are an option for people who have no ID or those who need an alternative.  They are available to any Bininj resident aged 15 or more living in the region.

Applications can be made at Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.  No cost is involved.  Individuals must bring evidence of who they are and where they live: this may be copies of birth certificates and other documents or, if these are not handy, then statutory declarations from selected authorities.  Evidence must satisfy a 100 point test.  More details can be obtained from Gundjeihmi on 08 89792200.

Cards must be renewed every two years. People already with a card can simply present themselves for a new one.  If all details are correct this can be done immediately.

People who are visiting Kakadu from other parts of West Arnhem can apply for a card, but they must have the right documentation with them - proof of who they are and proof of where they usually live.  People should make sure they have the right information with them before arriving in Jabiru.

People who come into a community because they have a job can get a card quicker if they bring a signed letter from their employer to confirm their employment details and residential address.

If a person arrives with the intention of staying for an extended period of time but is without work, a Confirmation of New Resident form must be completed and signed, in addition to other necessary paperwork.  The local resident who is prepared to vouch for the person shifting permanently to a known address must attend at the time of the application.  False or misleading statements will lead to loss of access to a West Arnhem ID card for both.

There are rules about the management and use of the cards.  These include:

  1. Gundjeihmi will only give a Card to the person who is identified on the Card.
  2. Cards can be replaced if they are lost, destroyed or damaged.  However, if there is more than one request per year by an individual, there may be a delay of two weeks or more before a new Card being provided.
  3. Any person using a fake Card or another person's Card will be excluded from holding or applying for a legitimate Card.

The cards have been fully developed and supported by the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation.  Some additional funding was initially provided by the Community Benenfit Fund of the Northern Territory Government.