VSA Management Plan

Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) is a significant and devastating health and social problem.  Petrol sniffing is the most common form of inhalant abuse in the Territory and outbreaks have occurred in Kakadu.  Other volatile substances susceptible to abuse include glues, paints, solvents and the like.

A local VSA Management Plan was prepared in 2012.  Extensive community consultations were undertaken in two stages.  The first canvassed individuals and organisations about the kind of strategies that might be included in the Plan.  These were then sorted a final round of consultation was undertaken to ensure there was consensus for the final suite of measures to be proposed.

The Northern Territory Government declared the Management Area in May 2013 and the VSA Management Plan was finally gazetted two months later.  The Plan is now in force.

The Plan sets out rules and guidelines for residents and visitors to follow with respect to the possession, sale and supply, use and storage of volatile substances.

The Management Area is within the external boundaries of the National Park.